Vanishing California Airports

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This list is from the California Pilot’s Association website, dated Jan. 14, 2008.  It shows an alarming trend of airport closures throughout California.  Since 1990, we have lost 25 airports.  This represents an irreparable loss to the state’s aviation infrastructure.  If there was any doubt about the threat to general aviation in our State, this list put’s that doubt to rest.

Airport                                              County                            Year Closed

Alta Airport                                       Tulare                                   1994

Antioch Airport                                 Contra Costa                        1990

Atwater Airport                                 Merced                                 1994

Bear Creek Airport                             Riverside                              1998

Borges-Clarksburg                            Yolo                                     1998

Calistoga  Airpark                              Napa                                    1990

Carmel Valley Vintage Airport           Monterey                              2002

Eagleville                                           Modoc                                  2002

Enterprise Skypark                             Shasta                                  1994

Gallaher Airport                                 Tulare                                   1994

Green Acres Airport                           Tulare                                   1992

Holtville Airport                                 Imperial                                 2002

Meadowlark Airport                            Orange                                  1990

Natomas Airport                                 Sacramento                           2002

Pearce Field Airport                            Lake                                      1994

Pixley                                                 Tulare                                    1998

Rancho California                               Riverside                               1990

Redding Sky Ranch Airport                 Shasta                                   1994

Rio Bravo Airport                                Kern                                       2002

San Ardo Airport                                 Monterey                               1994

Santa Rosa Air Center                         Sonoma                                 1992

Shannon Airport                                 Trinity                                    1990

Shingletown                                        Shasta                                    2002

Sun Hill Ranch Airport                       San Bernardino                      2002

Vacaville Gliderport                            Solano                                    1990        

This information is attributed to Caltrans, the department of aeronautics. 

I wonder…. if it was 25 highways closed since 1990, would we be so complacent?  Would there be more than the local pilot’s outcry against the pending closure of Rialto  by 2010?  Our airports are vanishing and bit-by-bit the ability of the average person to fly is being eroded away.


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